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European Roma Rights Centre v. Greece

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Court/Judicial body: European Committee of Social Rights 

Citation: No. 15/2003 
Date: 8 December 2004 
Instrument(s) cited: European Social Charter 

Case summary

This complaint, lodged on 4 April 2003, concerns the failure by Greece to ensure the living standards of Roma families meet minimum standards. It states that where forced evictions take place, the rights of those concerned must be protected. The complaint relates to  Article 16 (the right of the family to social, legal and economic protection) and the Preamble (non-discrimination) of the European Social Charter. The European Committee of Social Rights declared the complaint admissible on 16 June 2003. A public hearing was held on 11 October 2004. The European Committee of Social Rights concluded that there was a violation of Article 16 and transmitted its decision on the merit of the complaint to the Parties and to the Committee of Ministers on 7 February 2005. The Committee of Ministers adopted a Resolution on 8 June 2005.

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